History of the Graham Housing Authority

Graham Housing Authority: 1966 – Present

  • 1966: Incorporated
  • 1969: GHA is established
  • 1969: 100 units opened; Main St. was the first site, followed by Hill St., North St., Oakley St., and the properties on Ray and Gilbreath Streets.
  • 1974: The Housing Choice Voucher program was established. GHA started with 100 vouchers. Now, our vouchers total more than 1000!
  • 1979: Ralph Clayton Homes (Cates Circle) broke ground. This added 100 units designated for elderly and disabled tenants.
  • 1983: The final 70 units were opened: Sarah Williams, Field St., Market St., and Creekside Ct. This comes to 270 total public housing units for Graham.
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Graham Housing Authority's mailing address is:
PO Box 88
Graham, NC 27253

109 East Hill St., Graham

phone: 336-229-7041

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